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Monday, July 2, 2012

karina elisabeth palafox: Fwd: Company Trading Alert

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Attention Members,

Symbol: VIBE
Price- .01
Short Term: .20
Rating - Very Strong

Becoming 1 of the brand new penny stocks is as tough as one of the new kids at school. Being a new E-Commerce company in an rapidly expanding market is just as challenging.

A single cheap stock to view, Penny stock lists will have Vidable Inc combined with it for anyone exchanging penny stock lists expecting catching one of many penny stocks increasing prior to value gets way too high. launched the on-line classified site in a very try out expirement market place inside the Big Apple, Nyc a tad bit more compared to a calendar month in the past. As they say, if you're able to make it there, you possibly can make it anywhere.

So OTC Bulletin Board listed Vidable Inc., creators of online video ads which allow more access to local businesses and consumers, chose to place advertisements on their new video classified site to further generate returns. Local businesses and advertising companies can purchase targeted ad space on which allow restaurants to advertise in the specific group. Excellent?

Set VIBE on your observe list Right now!

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