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Thursday, April 30, 2015

chengducky []: perfume

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Dear Mr.or Ms.

Thanks for reading letter. From database, we know you are a big manufacturer of Perfume. We are a formal import and export trading company, a major merchant of perfumes in China. We are now looking for a source suppliers as our long term partner. If you can meet our needs, please contact us as soon as possible. Requirements are at follows:

1) Name : Perfume

2) Quantity: batch order

3) Target User: Women and Man

4) Fragrance: mardarin, bergamot, rosewood, lavender, apple martini, patch ouli, paper whites, orchid, cedar, white amber, musk and woods

5) Notes:sleek woods, fruit scent, floral note, oriental note, mixture fragrant and cooper

6) Specification: nornal standards

7) Odor type: strong-flavor, light scent, durable aroma, fragrance

Best Regards


Chengdu Chengkangyuan Trade Co.Led

No.3 xiao nan street Qing YangQu Chengdu China 6100,

Tel:+86 2868308736

Tax:+86 2868308745

Tel:+86 18382238751

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