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You can trust that any email posted here is a scam. has not been in use for years and I have never signed up for any lists or services. 100% of the emails sent to it are unsolicited.

The emails include advance-fee scams, charity scams, compensation scams, fake job offer scams, FBI scams, fraud recovery scams, investment scams, loan scams, lottery scams, malware scams, phishing scams, romance scams, secret shopper scams.

Please do not follow instructions contained within! They just want your money.

If you want, leave a comment with the email you received as well

Monday, August 22, 2016 []: Ασημένια φρίκη. Βγήκε ��εύτερος στο μαραθώνιο αλλά θα εκτελεστεί… «Μόλις γυρίσω στη χώρα μου θα με σκοτώσουν»

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