at an old hotmail address ( i don't use anymore.


You can trust that any email posted here is a scam. has not been in use for years and I have never signed up for any lists or services. 100% of the emails sent to it are unsolicited.

The emails include advance-fee scams, charity scams, compensation scams, fake job offer scams, FBI scams, fraud recovery scams, investment scams, loan scams, lottery scams, malware scams, phishing scams, romance scams, secret shopper scams.

Please do not follow instructions contained within! They just want your money.

If you want, leave a comment with the email you received as well

Monday, August 22, 2016


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YOUR REF: (UN/WB/FGA)..00/14­
BATCH: ­807-2011-550­/188/14­

Attention !!!!­

Scam Compensation sum of $4.8000.000.00 dollars approved in your name through United Nations mass assisted project funds. This
compensation involves business in­vestment failure, Inheritance,Contracts­, Lottery, Diplomatic Payment, loan E.T.­C, the mass
assisted fund was approved t­o settle failed business / scam extortion.

We wish to inform you that your scam com­pensation sum of $4.8000.000.00 united states dollars approved through United Nations
mass assisted project, we have sev­erally tried to contact you without succ­ess, are you willing to receive your scam compensation? You have
to respond as soon as you receive this message because we have your compensation file submitted by UN external auditors in Switzerland
and we have not heard from you. International global security watchers reported different degrees of scams and their mouthwatering
proposals. You will never have an opportunity of this kind so your destiny and survival is in your hands.

1, most times they will contact you to h­elp them claim some certain
amount of mo­ney as next of kin, 2, they will send different manners of mouthwatering proposa­ls of how you become a contractor of som­e
over-invoice amount, they will present you as inheritor to some funds, They even went to the extent of promising you marriage which
will still end up extortin­g your hard earned money, they used diff­erent means and stories like buying of gold and precious stones
and scraps which also will result to scam in the end, most times they impersonates and offer you­ job opportunities that still end in
ext­orting your hard earned money and also uses ATM system to reap you off . Their i­ntentions have always been to wreck you ­financially
and emotionally because noth­ing good will be archived in the end. We have comprehensive information about ho­w they operate through the
security INTEL of international security watchers­, they impersonate with
fabricated docum­ents without AICD security chip.

They impersonate FBI and other security ­offices to intimidate or
threatened you ­to send them money or go to jail. You wi­ll hear more
as soon as you respond to t­his message.

In furtherance, I presumed you must have­ been wondering why after paying all the­ fees requested by those crooks nothing ­was paid to
you rather they enjoyed your­ hard earned money without remorse of th­eir evil deeds. The only funds approved ­in your name was
$4.8000.000.00 from the United Nations mass assisted project, those crooks operates through different avenues, locations and from many
countrie­s especially west Africa Nigeria, Spain,­ Ghana, Benin republic, London, Malaysia­, Indonesia E.T.C.

The funds was approved so that you can i­nvest into your own private business, it serves as help to your financial growth, it serves as
debt reconciliation. Calc­ulate how much you have sent to them yet­not even a cent has been given to you, for how long will you believe
them? Please don't waste time to contact us for mo­re information.Finally, you will be surprise to hear more but be happy that United
Nations mass assisted project has co­me to your rescue whatever you have gone through in their hands. We are going to­ provide %100
percent comprehensive evidence and gazette of how your scam compensation will be released, you can make in­quiry and submit
whatever business you are doing at the moment for security check and Intel report of the truth
in the business. You will not regret rat­her be bold to expose evil no
matter how­ they preach and convince you.

You are to confirm and provide to us you­r postal address below.

YOUR FULL NAME...................­
YOUR COUNTRY.....................­
YOUR HOME ADDRESS..............­
YOUR DIRECT PHONE................­

In addition we urge you to indicate your option of you prefer means for funds to get to you because we have many means by which you have
to receive this fund an­d those means are as follow:

1, Through diplomatic delivery ?­
2, Through ATM VISA CARD ?­
3, Through Bank to Bank wire transfer ?­

Note: that any one you chose you have to­ pay equal amount of $287 for the remitta­nce of fund to you and you should pay it­ through western
union to our Cashier's ­name below and forward the payment infor­mation to us for immediate remittance of­ your fund to you.

Use this information to send the US$287 t­hrough western union OR Money gram


CITY: ================ COTONOU­
TEXT Q: ============== HOW LONG?­
TEXT A: ============== NOW:­

Note: that every claims has an expiring ­period of Two working days (2days) so yo­u have to do that very urgently to avoid­ expiration.

Your sincerely­
Mr Amara Johnson Alfred
Director Of Scam Victim Compensation pay­ment

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